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We support those involved in music and liturgy in parishes and schools

Our summer course

A five day residential summer course for those who have a passion for liturgical music and the desire to serve as ministers in their parishes, schools and communities.

Liturgy and Music

MMT provides training in learning new liturgical music and endeavours to develop an understanding of the role of music ministry in enhancing our liturgies.

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We offer one of the best courses in Liturgy and Music in Ireland. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced musician you will come away with a wealth of material and new knowledge.

Liturgical Formation

Liturgy is the term used to describe the way we celebrate the sacraments and other times of prayer and worship.  As music ministers we need to understand how music integrates with the liturgy and so it is important that we understand the principles of liturgy.  During the course we explore different aspects of the Church’s liturgy, focussing on the Eucharist, but also addressing the Prayer of the Church, the Sacraments of Initiation and the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

Spiritual Formation

In order to be effective music ministers we need to nourish and develop own spiritual lives so that we can relate with the liturgy we are celebrating and with those who celebrate it. Each day includes a catechesis or teaching given by a different presenter, which explores an aspect of spirituality. This is usually connected with the theme of the course or the liturgy of the day.

Musical Formation

One of the aims of Music Ministry Together is to empower the participants to become leaders in their music groups at home.  There is a focus throughout the course on explaining different aspects of the music and how to teach it.  There are workshops on being a cantor, conducting, accompanying and composing.  Participants also have to opportunity to sing and play during the liturgies.


Prayer is of central importance to our time together. All participants and team members gather for Morning Prayer and Evening Prayer each day. Our week ends with Sunday Mass with the monastic community in the Abbey Church. All liturgies are led by participants. In addition to the course liturgy schedule participants have opportunities for additional prayer experiences on campus (i.e. monastic Liturgy of the Hours, Mass, rosary, etc.).

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