We are a bunch of talented,
experienced and fun folks
with a passion for Liturgy and Music


Music Ministry Together was established in 2015 to encourage and support those involved in music and liturgy in parishes and schools.  It provides training in learning new liturgical music and endeavours to develop an understanding of the role of music ministry in enhancing our liturgies.

Music Ministry Together aims to provide high-quality music ministry and liturgical formation that is inclusive and non-discriminatory with a Catholic ethos.  This is done by:

  • providing a faith-based and practical music ministry programme
  • providing an inclusive community experience
  • empowering and encouraging programme participants to bring the learning back to their parish, school and community

Each summer Music Ministry Together organises a course for youth and adult leaders who have a passion for liturgical music and the desire to serve as ministers in their parishes, schools and communities.  The course is ‘experiential’ – the participants not only learn new music but are also introduced to various styles of liturgy, celebrating the Eucharist and other sacraments and Catechesis.

While the course is about learning new music and about the ministry of music, there is plenty of time for the participants to have some fun. Nightly entertainment is provided while afternoon activities ensure that everyone has an enjoyable few days.

Music Ministry Together is a non-for-profit organisation and relies on donations to survive.


Our Management Team

Ian Callanan
Anne-Marie Whelan
Liturgy Co-Ordinator
Therese Flynn
Logistics Coordinator & Safeguarding Officer
Richard Purcell OCSO
Spiritual Director

Our Team

Sinead Fleming
Eoin Walshe
Paul McLoughlin
Cathal Burke
Ciaran Coll
Eileen Bird
Mairead O’Neill
Primary School Programme
Gellért Merza
Cára Davey
Louise Moloney