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There are two options for Accommodation in Cistercian College Roscrea. The school offers dormitories which is the main accommodation. Dorms vary in size from 4 – 7 beds per room to the large dorms of around 20! The dorms have recently been renovated and each bed is contained in its own cubicle. Participants staying in dormitories will need to bring bedding with them as this is not provided. Please note you need to also bring your own pillow.

For those who would prefer a private room with ensuite, accommodation is available in the monestary guest house at an additional cost.

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During the week our liturgies will mainly take place in the college chapel which will become our Prayer Space. Participants will be encouraged to help with preparing the space and will work with our Liturgy Team to enhance our liturgies and learn skills to use in their own ministry. We will also have the opportunity to join the Cistercian Community for prayer in the Monastery Chapel.

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The participants will get opportunities to relax and enjoy the extensive grounds and facilities which the Cistercian College has to offer. There will be time to explore the extensive wooded grounds and use the facilities which include outdoor pitches, tennis courts, an indoor swimming pool and chill out areas which are supplied with tea making facilities and televisions.  Anna and her team are putting together a programme of fun that will ensure each day you will be both physically and spiritually fulfilled!!!




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