2017 – Holy is Your Name

MMT 2017 ‘Holy is Your Name’

Names are very important to us. God’s name is far more important than our own. God’s name expresses nature and character. How do we use Gods name? What meaning do we attach to Gods name? Do we know God well enough to use His name correctly? We live in a world and time that place little value on the name of God. During our week together we explored what it might mean to honour the holiness of God’s name.

Each day in our liturgies we explored a different name for God taken from scripture. These names and many others formed our sacred space. In our closing liturgy we combined these names and the names of all team members, guests and participants who came during the week in a blessing of all these names. We also prayed together the Rosary of St James and had a very poignant and spiritual reconciliation service during the week.

Our guests included Bishop Fintan Monahan, Bishop of Killaloe and Fr Tim Bartlett of the World Meeting of Families. Padraig Meredith, Gavin Byrne and some members of our team taught us some wonderful compositions of their own, and we joined with Fr Ray Kelly in concert.

We commissioned a Cross which was made from wood from the Cistercian Monastery grounds and which has many names of God on it. This cross was presented to the Cistercian Community as we joined with them for the Community Mass on the final day.

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