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11 Aug

Fr Ray Kelly

Born in Tyrrellspass, Co Meath in April 1953, Ray moved to Dublin and worked in the Civil Service. In 1982 he was called to the Priesthood and was ordained as a priest in 1989. He joined the St Patrick’s Missionary Society (Kiltegan Fathers) and worked as a Missionary in pre-Apartheid South Africa from 1991-1992 and did Mission Appeal work in the US. He returned to Ireland and was appointed as Parish Priest in Oldcastle in 2006. As one of his great loves was singing, he built a home studio in one of the rooms of his parish house to indulge his passion for his hobby. He was often asked to sing at local events, but never thought it would lead to anything, until he sang at the wedding of Chris and Leah O’Kane on April 5th 2014. That famous video has now reached over 46 million views to date.

Father Ray also revealed that he will be donating a percentage of the profits of the sales of this album and his live concerts to the Kiltegan Fathers St Patrick’s Missionary Society, where he started his journey as a Catholic priest. Ray travelled all over the World to work for the society and he wanted to use his musical journey to benefit the society that he loves.

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